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Beaded Weft Extensions


Don't be mislead, "Hand-Tied is a type of weft, not a method! Beaded rows is the method used to secure different weft types into your hair.

Hand-Tied Wefts

Hand-Tied wefts are made by hand, making the actual track of the hair thinner, causing it to lay flatter against the scalp and be less detectable. Perfect for fine hair guests, or those who want something that feels a little less noticeable on their scalp.

I currently use a handed hybrid which is identical to hand tied wefts, with a latex coating on the weft to make them more durable than traditional hand tied.!

Who can wear them?

Extensions can be used for various different reasons. If you have thin hair, losing hair postpartum, just want to add some volume, or if you want the long length of your dreams, extensions could be an option for you!


Depending on your hair density, length and your overall goal, we could apply up to 3 full rows.



Extensions MUST be properly maintained to prevent any damage.

Depending on the guest, I will require somewhere between 6-8 week move up appointments.

Going past the recommended maintenance period will cause breakage, matting, tension sores, bead slipping and weft damage. 


How To Book

First, you must book a consultation.

At your consultation, we will discuss your hair goals, desired length & thickness.

We will then color match you and decide if your extension will need to be custom colored or not and also talk about a game plan for maintaining your color as well.

You will leave with an extension care guide so you understand how to properly care for your investment.

50% NON REFUNDABLE deposit of install package is required before booking your install appointment.

All extension guests will be required to fill out and sign an extensions contract.

Day Of Install

Remainder of your balance will be paid.

I will apply your rows with a general placement and have you wear it for the first 6-8 weeks.

I also require a blending cut on the extensions to blend them into your natural hair.

I will show you how to properly style and maintain your investment at home.

We will also schedule all maintenance appointments to ensure you stay on track.

Maintenance Appointments

You will come in with clean, dry, straight hair. We will discuss how the placement is working for you and adjust any bead work from here.


To book a consultation, please fill out my new guest form on my booking site and I will get back to you about setting up a consultation.


With good at home care and maintenance, hair should last on average 10 months. Poor care about 6 months.

"The Volume Package"


For Guests looking for thicker, fuller hair.

Includes one row installation, up to 3 custom colored wefts, custom blending cut, with a take home bag of goodies!

"The Length Package"


For guests wanting length and thickness.

Includes two - three row installation, up to 8 custom colored wefts, custom blending cut, with a take home bag of goodies!

"Insta Worthy Package"


For guests wanting the thickest, longest hair.

Includes three to four row installation, up to 12 custom color wefts, custom blending cut, with a take home bag of goodies!


1 Row: $110
2 Rows $140
3 Rows $205
Removal $50
Restitched corners (after 1 week of wear) $25 per corner

Every 6 - 8 weeks for move ups.

If you have matting, molding, or the removal is timely, additional fees may apply.

Includes removal, move up, and style.

Must come in with clean, dry, straight hair.

I do not install or maintain other brands of extensions & extensions not purchased through me that I have not physically colored matched at a consultation.

My specialty is Blondes & lived in natural balayage looks.

I do not offer services for reds or cooper colors since that in itself is a specialty.

Extension Guest Form
How long is your natural hair currently? Hair must be atleast shoulder length.
What are your extension goals? (only select 1)
Have you had extensions before?
Describe your hair density
Describe your hair texture?
Current condition of your hair?
Are you wanting to match the extensions to your current color, or change your current color?
I understand getting your hair done is sometimes your only time to relax & catch a break or can be nerve racking for those with anxiety. Would you prefer a silent / no small talk appointment?
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